Submissions Welcome: We’ve Unlocked the 224-Verse

As much fun as it is to create our own, completely original adventures, there’s a lot to be said for playing in someone else’s sandbox for a time, too.

To that end, we are officially accepting submissions to Starry Eyed’s expansive 224-Verse.

What is a 224-Verse you ask?  Well, it’s the trillion-star galactic setting that serves as the backdrop to our current (and forthcoming) collection of interwoven tales.

It’s got Faster Than Light travel, a massive governing body, bounty hunters and miners, civilians and militaria. It’s got millions of cultures, incredible tech, and did we mention over four-trillion worlds?

If this sounds like something in your wheelhouse, we’ve put together a page to take all of the guesswork out of how to submit your tale(s).  This isn’t technically a “call” – as there is no closing period for which we are taking down the option to submit.

Instead, the 224-Verse stands to be one of the prominent and ongoing properties of the Starry Eyed catalog, with canonical entries appearing from a wide variety of authors in the months to come.

Here is how to get involved.

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