Galactic Bounty Hunter Selfie: Zan Dane

If you’ve had a moment to check out Strange Orbits from Black Ink Fiction, you may have encountered a lean, mean bounty hunter on a mission to find his daughter by the name of Zan Dane (Jason Russell’s Bountiful Pursuits).

Until now, your imagination would have to suffice to get a feel for the Perthan merc, but thanks to artist Victoria Miller, you need not strain your noodle.


Her stunning rendition of Dane is a result of months of hard work.  She was kind enough to send Starry Eyed not only the completed render, but also some of the preliminary work involved in realizing Dane in all his glory.

Of course, we couldn’t just let her show off her impressive rendition without nabbing a few questions to better understand the artist herself.

So Victoria, when did you realize art was for you?

VM: Hmmmmm…. Not sure exactly. I have been drawing since a young kid. I learned to paint in High School.  From there I earned a Bachelor’s of Art Study from Saginaw Valley State University.

What inspires you to begin a piece?

VM: From the first conception of an idea, art usually comes to me as a flash and with that, the actual starting point.

Do you have a favorite medium to express your art?

VM: Why limit one’s self? I’ve been freelancing in drawing, sculpting, painting and graphic design for 30 years.  Each format offers its own challenges and rewards.

Who do you consider your greatest inspirations?

VM: Oh that would be the classical Caravaggio and surrealist Salvador Dali.

Are you open to taking commissions?

VM: Absolutely.

Where can we send anyone reading this piece looking to view your gallery or contact you to have a piece commissioned?

VM: I have a gallery page on Facebook called Moon Tan Art.

Lastly who’s cooler – Zan Dane or Boba Fett?

VM: The only way I could get Zan Dane to stay still long enough for me to sketch him was to promise never to admit there could be a cooler bounty hunter in the galaxy.

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