Open Submissions

We are open for submissions of science fiction novels for all ages.

  • Novel: 50,000 words or more

Please add a simple synopsis that outlines the major plot points and ending of your story.

Here are our Submission Guidelines.

We are open for submissions to our 224-Verse:

Please find more details on our 224-Verse page.

We are open for submissions of short stories to following anthologies:

One-Way-Ticket to Epsilon Eridani: A Science Fiction Anthology


Theme: science fiction, space opera, colonization, new beginnings

Word count: 2,000 to 10,000 words

Language: English, American spelling

Submission opens: 23. November 2021

Submission closes: Spring 2022 or when full

What we would like to see: Give us teams arriving on a planet to terraform, give us families moving away to live in distant enclosed colonies, give us wrecked starships and crews without hope of return. Give us scientists setting foot on alien territory for long time studies. We’d like to see people starting a new life, adjusting to new situations and surroundings, with no option of returning to their old ways  – psst we enjoy positive and uplifting endings where applicable.

Compensation: Royalty split

Eligibility: Open to all

Multiple submissions: Yes

Reprints: Yes

Simultaneous submissions: No

Things of the hard pass variety: Horror, rape and excessive gore

Format: Digital submissions only

Please make sure to read our Submission Guidelines before submitting. Thanks!

The following anthologies are scheduled to open in 2022:

Augmented Reality (Tentative Title) – What if everything we see, hear, taste and touch represents a minuscule fraction of the whole of existence? We’re assembling tales centered on the realities of reality – from the askew to the virtual (think The Matrix, Tron).  If bending the mind is your cup of tea, come join us for a party.

Space Opera Comedy (Tentative Title) – We’ve explored the fringes of the somber galaxy in Space Treks and the 224-Verse but here’s a chance to show off the sillier side of interplanetary exploration/ domination.  Spoofs, snarky or ludicrous, so long as it involves space, we’ll be opening the doors to cosmic laughs in 2022. 

The following anthology has been closed:

Space Treks – A Space Opera Anthology – Thank you for your submissions! This call is closed. We hope you are looking forward to the release in the first half of 2022.