Meet Author Richard L. Rubin

Cosmic Convocation, Starry Eyed Press’ first official space opera anthology features not one but two tales from author Richard L. Rubin: Commander Saturn and Rebel Assault on Cygni IV. We had a chance to sit down with Richard to get the scoop on what inspired his tales and to learn more about him in general. […]

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What Are Your Faves?

Ah science fiction – it’s one of those literary (and multimedia) classifications that sound so cut and dry until you really start to think about how deep the well runs. It’s our own personal love for the genre that prompted us to form Starry Eyed Press, but in thinking about what a varied and intriguing […]

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THE STARRY EYED STATE OF MIND If you were to query your favorite dictionary to the meaning of starry-eyed, you would discover that this adjective is used to describe one who is naively enthusiastic or idealistic, especially in matters of love and romance. While we surely identify with the enthusiasm and idealism parts, we are […]