What’s New at Starry Eyed (Calls and Closures)

Closure: Space Treks

As 2021 winds down, things are heating up over here at Starry Eyed.  In the event that you missed it, we have closed the Space Treks anthology call.  The goal was to keep it open until January (with the disclaimer “or until full” as a precautionary measure).   Even we were surprised by the number of quality submissions we’ve received.

Ours is the mindset that it’s always better to close down a given call after a flood of submissions to keep the number of rejections to a minimum rather than let the stack pile higher and higher.  A sincere thank you to all who took the time to submit.  Responses are going out soon – keep an eye on those spam folders.  If you have not heard from us by Dec 1, drop a line so we can resend.

Open Call: One-Way-Ticket to Epsilon Eridani

Gluttons for punishment that we are, we are wasting no time opening the next science fiction anthology.  One-Way-Ticket to Epsilon Eridani seeks your space tales (2-10k words) where there’s no turning back.

Let’s be honest, we live our whole lives upon a sphere where returning to a point of origin while traveling doesn’t demand much consideration.  When it comes to the distances of space coupled to the relatively short span of human life – the possibility of spending a whole lifetime in transit one way is a very real scenario.

This one’s scheduled for a spring of 2022 release and you can find the full submission details here.

Coming Soon: Redux

Starry Eyed Press’s first full-length novel is coming soon.  Redux by Gregg Cunningham takes readers on a journey not only through space but time as well as war-hardened veteran soldier Commander Redux  attempts to change the fate of humanity in an ongoing war with the technologicaly superior Founders.

Stay tuned to this very blog for release information and an exclusive interview with the author to coincide with the launch.

Further Down the Road: Future Anthology Calls

If you’re one of those really long-term planners, we’ll help put your OCD at ease (or perhaps make it worse) by hinting at our next two anthology calls after One Way Ticket.

Augmented Reality offers the chance to tell your tale dealing with the reality of reality (or the lack thereof).  Simulation theory? Virtual reality? Implant-enhanced perception?  Yes please!

Space Opera Comedy will follow.  We seem to receive a lot of submissions around here that spoof, snarkify and zing the typically serious nature of existence in an infinite universe.  We might as well dedicate an entire anthology to embracing the tone.

More info will be arriving here as we receive it and, as always, keep an eye on our submissions page for the latest.

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