We may have built the sandbox, but we’re inviting the world to play within.

What is the 224-Verse?

The 224-Verse is an interconnected fictional universe set within the sprawling starscape of Galaxy NGC 224 – Andromeda.

In terms of sheer size, Andromeda is 220,000 lightyears across and is home to a trillion stars and roughly four-trillion planets.


While the possibility that there is far more within the galaxy than has been explored certainly exists, the canon breaks down as follows:

14-million charted systems

4,879, 426 recognized space faring civilizations

528,000 registered jump points

Canonical History

While this page serves to provide the raw facts on how to become a part of the 224-Verse’s legacy, familiarity with how the technology works, the cultural history and the smaller details already established will likely prove very beneficial to your story, so please brush up on our Canonical History of the 224-Verse here.

Contributing to the 224-Verse

We welcome well constructed tales to further expand the rich mythos of the 224-Verse and are open to submissions anytime. Depending on length and subject matter, these stories could potentially be published as stand-alone pieces or as part of a collection of 224-Verse tales.

Length, subject matter and connectivity to the preexisting 224-Verse tales are all left to the discretion of the author. And, while Starry Eyed Press reserves the right to modify submissions to fit into the continuity of the established universe, the following guide should help explain what we are looking for to increase the chances of acceptance:

All submitted material is subject to the approval of Starry Eyed Press, which owns all copyright to the 224-Verse in its various incarnations and is very fastidious about maintaining the integrity of the characters and the setting itself.

To that end, we make every effort to ensure that the tales line up both in terms of continuity and quality to that of the established mythos.

The best reference, if in doubt, are of course the published entries into the 224-Verse (links below).

Dos and Don’ts

While we make every effort to allow authors the freedom to explore creatively, the following items will likely not be selected for publication:

Death of an established character, or any other permanent change in the 224-Verse characters, settings, or universe itself.  It kind of goes without saying that we don’t want pre-established characters killed, planets destroyed or new family lineages revealed. Does this mean all of these subjects are off-limits? Of course not – as we demonstrated above, there are over four trillion planets in this galaxy. The possibility to create worlds, characters and lineages is nearly limitless, just be respectful to those already established.

Similarly, the major technology of how space travel takes place in the galaxy is established within the opening history. We’d appreciate it if this is maintained. There could be other, lesser important means of travel introduced, of course. Or attempts at superior means that fail, but the quantum jump technology/ neutrino fusion method discovered by the Transcendence remains the superior mode for traversing great distances for a reason.

We aren’t looking for over-sexualized themes or graphic gore.

Lastly, to maintain a consistent “feel” – we would prefer that the tale is set in third person, past tense.

How do I submit?

Email your story as attached Word document to:


Please make sure to read our Submission Guidelines before submitting.

Whats Out There Now?

Check back often, as the 224-Verse is continually expanding (and we will do our best to keep this section updated). At present, the 224-Verse can be explored in the following published books:

Strange Orbits – Edited by Jason Russell

“Bountiful Pursuits,” the final tale in this anthology, is the first official entry in the 224-Verse. It tells the tale of bounty hunter Zan Dane accepting a suspicious job in the galaxy’s backwaters in the hopes of learning more about his abducted daughter’s whereabouts.

Engineered Civility: 224 Verse Jason Russell

Arouna Rouk’s simple life as a civil engineer on the planet Centie is about to take a remarkable turn when Galactic Assembly itself sends a dignitary to personally retrieve her for civic duty. The mission, she’s told in transit, involves a strange phenomenon never before documented in the galaxy’s rich history of colonization – what appears to be a sentinent pond deep underground on an asteroid in the process of being terraformed.

Brightest at the Bulge: 224-Verse – Jason Russell

Eliea Dane is a silicon miner on the rocky world of Pertha. When her live-in boyfriend is arrested for dealing illegal subdermal implants, a chain of events is sprung into motion every bit as rocky as the planet itself.

Cybernetic augmentation is near mythical technology on the streets but, as Eliea soon discovers, presents itself to those who expect it least.