The Batman Review

The best thing DC’s cinematic universe can do is to try to distance itself from the MCU at every possible opportunity. Matt Reeves gets this while Zack Snyder clearly did not. 2022’s The Batman proves this point so effectively, one wonders if the entire comic book to movie industry could have slanted very differently for […]

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The Matrix Resurrections Movie Review

The Matrix Resurrections might be a passable, if overly bloated, foray into the realm of visceral science fiction filmdom were it not the fourth installment of one of the most beloved franchises ever to grace the genre. Let us not get ahead of ourselves, however. Directed by Lana Wachowski instead of the typical Wachowski-sister duo […]

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Dune Movie Review

Dune is generally a well-known staple of sci-fi geekdom, its literary roots running as far back as 1965 when Frank Herbert first unleashed his tale of swashbuckling fantasy, Great Houses, and metaphors for our own Middle East thinly disguised as science fiction upon the world. In the years since, the books have become an empire […]

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